IntelliHouse Requirements

The IntelliHouse application is a Java application, and requires Java 6 or newer, furthermore JDK 6 or newer is required to compile the application.
The IntelliHouse uses the NetBeans Rich Client Platform, and requires NetBeans 6.9 or newer to compile.
The IntelliHouse uses the MySQL database to persist data, access to a MySQL server is required.
The IntelliHouse uses Z-Command to monitor and interact with Z-Wave devices.
The IntelliHouse uses Apache Axis2 library to communicate with the Z-Command server.

Compiling IntelliHouse

  • Download the zip file containing the source code, and extract it
  • In NetBeans, go to the File menu, and select Open Project
  • Navigate to the folder where you extracted the source code, and select the IntelliHouse folder, and click Open Project
  • Right-click the project in the NetBeans project list, and select Run, to start the application directly from within NetBeans
  • Alternatively, right-click the project and select Build Zip Distribution. This will create a zip file containing all the needed files, that you can then extract to where you want the application to be on the harddrive


The source code of the IntelliHouse application is distributed here under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL version 1.0).
The IntelliHouse sources includes the following libraries in binary form: The above libraries are under copyright of their respective creators, and redistributed under the above mentioned licenses.